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10 Mistakes in Twitter

December 29th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

If there are no rules, how can mistakes be made? There are no rules to Twitter or any of the social media platforms but you will quickly find out what gets you feeling a bit lonely. Twitter is widely for socializing, sharing information, breaking news, conversations about sporting events and quotes from seminars. If it is not on Twitter then it probably is not news or something we need to know. Social media marketing has brought us back to talking to one another in real time, albeit virtually, but we are still talking and sharing. If you don’t share information, someone else will. With all the good doings on Twitter comes the bad. We try to ignore them and call them out but they keep coming back and interrupting.

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10 Mistakes to Avoid on Twitter

1. Auto DM. Huge annoyance. I just met you and you are already shouting at me and trying to sell me. Delete.

2. No Picture. There is a person behind the account. Let us see the person. Create a twibbon for your company logo. For some big brands this does not work but for mid sized and small businesses, be seen.

3. Incomplete Bio. You do not care enough to complete the bio then we should not care enough to interact. Before following many review the bio to see if you are someone they want to interact with.

4. Sales Pitch. Selling on Twitter is fine but only selling tells everyone that you only care about making a quick buck.

5. It’s All about Me. Just like selling, talking about only you makes it crystal clear that you have no interest in building relationships and getting to know anyone.

6. Failing to Interact. 1 tweet a day does not make friends. Share information that you find useful, follow conversations of interest and retweet. Provide value to your followers.

7. Not Giving Thanks. If someone retweets you, thank them. It is simple to do and it can open the door to a new relationship. For larger accounts that get retweeted every second this is impossible but those who receive a few a day thanking is the right way to go.

8. Failing to Monitor. With the gazillion conversations going on at once, it is impossible to keep up without searching. Hashtags make it so easy to find what interests you and keep on top of the conversation.

9. Unsolicited Tweets. Monitoring a conversation and jumping in is good but those freaky ones that pop up where we cannot hit the spam button fast enough.

10. Porn. Sorry to those who love. I say create separate platform. The adult industry is a legitimate business and deserves to be treated as such but when conversing with someone or introducing myself to someone and a porn tweet pops up… yeah not the impression I was looking to make.

Twitter brings people together from all over. Following conversations from seminars that you cannot attend makes you feel as if you are there. Many new people are connected from sharing interests and information. There are no rules, just some norms that have been created by human behavior.

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